How Does It Work?

Unlike traditional sanitisers which kill pathogens by poison or high levels of alcohol, Biotopica uses a water-based, bonded coating that kills almost all kinds of pathogens by physical action. The Biotopica formulation kills pathogens by mechanically breaking down, rather than by chemical poisoning. It pierces the microorganisms’ cell membrane similar to a pin popping a balloon. In the same manner to that of a burst balloon, the pathogens cannot be reformed nor are they able to build up resistance and immunity.

Biotopica anti-bacterial products are water-based, stable, effective across a wide temperature range, and highly durable, thereby maintaining efficacy for extended periods. Once dry, the Biotopica formulation immediately forms a covalent bond that attaches to the receptive surface permanently, thus allowing for a uniform layer of anti-bacterial protection.

On direct contact with pathogens, the Biotopica formulation works by disrupting (or rupturing) the pathogen cell membrane. This interrupts the normal life processes and destroys the pathogen cell. Since the anti-bacterial acts only on the membrane and does not lose strength over time, it does not create the condition which allows for a sublethal dose – thus allowing pathogens to develop an increased resistance.


The method of Biotopica application is topical application and/or fogging, which has been proven to be an effective means of reducing the number of detectable airborne and surface bacteria.

Furthermore, Biotopica contains no alcohol, bleaches, colourants, dyes or additives. It is safe to use and does not harm or discolour skin, clothing, or other materials. Biotopica products have shown a remarkable residual effect that can outlast most of the anti-bacterial and disinfectant products currently on the market.


  • Kills 99.99% of most pathogens instantly

  • Long lasting efficacy: 24-hours on skin and up to 45-days on various material surfaces

  • Non-toxic, alcohol-free and non-corrosive as the Biotopica water-based anti-bacterial products employ “mechanical disruption” method that “attracts, pierces and kills” pathogens instead of the conventional ways of using chemical poison, chemical infiltration, or dehydration to kill bacteria

  • Unlike traditional sanitisers that promote the evolvement and formation of antibiotics-resistant or drug-resistant superbugs, Biotopica anti-bacterial products do not allow mutation and thus no resistance

  • Prevents hand-to-hand, skin-to-skin, or surface-to-skin contamination and transfer of pathogens

  • Easy, cost-effective application, mild on skin and does not stain or discolour clothing and receptive surfaces