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About Us

Biotopica is a groundbreaking advancement in personal hygiene that helps manage and protect the health of you and your family. Biotopica is an Australian manufactured alcohol-free anti-bacterial protection formulation that offers instant sanitisation as well as long lasting protection of up to 24 hours. The anti-bacterial protection on hard surfaces may even last for up to 45-days!

Our Mission

Combat germs: better health for humankind at an affordable price through safe and environmentally friendly “physical means”.

Our Philosophy

Use business to create a better and healthier life for people, and to inspire a way for social responsibility.



Safe for All

Biotopica contains no alcohols, bleaches, colourants, dyes or additives. 

It is 100% safe to use and does not harm or discolour skin, clothing or surfaces.


Biotopica uses a water-based, bonded coating that kills most pathogens through physical means.

The Biotopica formulation kills pathogens by breaking it down mechanically as opposed to traditional chemical poisoning methods.

24-Hour Protection

Biotopica anti-bacterial products stable, effective across a wide temperature range and highly durable.


Once dry, the Biotopica formulation forms a covalent bond that attaches to the receptive surface permanently, resulting in a layer of anti-bacterial protection.


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